health club consulting

health club consulting

healthclubEXPERTS has the top Consultants in the industry with EXPERTS that can consult you in Club Start-Ups, Personal Training Program Development, Customer Service, Membership Sales and Ancillary Income Programs.

club start-up EXPERT: Paul Bosley, healthclubExperts

healthclubExperts "Pre-Sales and Grand Opening Checklist" will be invaluable to you for your club start-up planning. Paul Bosley has used this checklist to open many health clubs located over the entire US for his own planning purposes. Over the years, Paul has broken grand opening records for two (2) different companies so if followed, the list will yield results!

The list includes over 150 tasks divided into the following main categories:

  • Site Selection
  • Program Development
  • Financial Planning
  • Hiring & Training your Sales Force
  • Establishing your Annual Marketing Plan
  • Product Development
  • Setting up your Administration Division

The list is written in Microsoft Excel so the checklist can be used to assign tasks, monitor expenses, assign due dates and use as a master list for the entire project. The check list can be sold with or without telephone consulting to answer any questions you have regarding the task list.

personal training program EXPERT: Body Renew Fitness Consulting

The Body Renew Fitness Consulting team has successfully administered installing ''Best of Breed'' fitness programs into over 50 fitness centers from Alaska to Florida, and has an annual revenue goal of $3.1 million in personal training sales at his current health clubs. The Body Renew Fitness team has the experience needed to rollout a successful individual personal training and weight-loss center. The Body Renew Fitness systems create an exceptional member experience, from the initial contact to the actual Personal Training session, which increases member retention and penetration of your fitness program.

Services include:

  • Body Renew Team Member on the ground
  • Program Development
  • Staff recruitment and hiring
  • Staff Development
  • Sales Training
  • PT Program Management
  • Product Pricing Assistance
  • Maintain Overall Direction

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