With all this in Mind, Here's what's Included In this innovative program:

With all this in Mind, Here's what's Included In this innovative program:

Look At The Details Of The Offer!

Just reading this information will pattern your subconscious mind to that of someone who has been training successfully for twenty years!

With all this in Mind, Here''s what''s Included In this innovative program:
This detailed and revolutionary program gives you a multitude of powerful advantages. You get everything mentioned above, plus much, much more in the following components:

The Detailed Physique: Volume One- Details Of Mind Mastery: This concise self help manual is specifically geared towards results! It is focused on the main problems and challenges that you face on your road to success from someone that has been there and done it! The following key topics are broken down detail by detail showing you precisely how to think like a champion!

  • What''s Been Stopping You From Succeeding?
  • How to Master Your Mind Power for Maximum Results in Record Time!
  • How To Keep On Track For Guaranteed Success!

Volume II- Dietary Details Manual: This comprehensive scientifically referenced volume is the Manifesto For The New Era In Healthy Body Shaping! No other book on the market explains detail by detail in such an easy to understand manner how to eat for gaining muscle, and losing fat healthy and fast! Reading this will raise your consciousness and truly enable you to take your body to the next level as elegantly as possible! Included In this volume:

  • The Hidden Dangers You Eat Every Day That Take You Further Away From Reaching Your Goals
  • If First You Don''t Succeed These Forty SixTips Ensure You Will!
  • The Real Secrets to Elegantly Maintaining a Low Body Fat
  • The Optimal Protein Program For Exceptional Results
  • Body Fuel: What types, When And How Much To Eat
  • Four Simple Rules To Eat By
  • Recipes to Make Your Mouth Water and Your Body Thrive!

Volume III- Detailed Physique Diet and Training Progress Diary: Included in this volume is everything you need to maintain comprehensive records of your progress. Easy to use and goes that extra step beyond what other offerings do. Now you can use attention to detail to elegantly keep on track for success like you never have before!

  • Volume IV- Detailed Physique Body Physics Manual:This volume includes the exciting new Variable Routine The Four Week Plan. Inspired by The revolutionary Russian Periodization training model, The Four Week Plan takes you a step further truly entering The New Era in Healthy Natural Body Shaping. This manual is not filled with a bunch of photos of me posing on weight equipment! It is a comprehensive detailed step by step program that explains precisely how to follow The Four Week Plan for maximum results. This is the program that gets you the fastest results with as little time in the gym as possible. It also leaves other training programs that are based on heavy injury risking principles in the Stone Age! Included in this exciting volume:
  • The Revolutionary Four Week Workout Plan
  • Eating to Fully Maximize Your Blood Sweat and Tears!
  • A Masters Inner Circle of Training Tips and Treasures!
  • The Winners Secret: The Art Of Immaculate Focus And Concentration
  • The Secret Behind Really Getting The MOST Out of Every Last Bit Of Energy You Exert!

That in itself is quite a lot! But it''s just the tip of the iceberg! The Detailed Physique is as Detailed and comprehensive as it is revolutionary! Nothing has been left out that you will need to achieve ultimate muscularity as elegantly as possible! Take a look at these body shaping bonuses!

Bonus # 1 - How to Beat a Cold or Flu With Just Diet Alone.

This concise report shows you a diet plan that turns your body into an atmosphere where cold germs do not live. Have you ever been laid off because of a cold? If you have I am sure you can relate to how frustrating this is! Being healthy is the only solution to Gaining Muscle and losing fat in as little time as possible!

Bonus # 2 - Ketogenesis

Ketogenesis is my healthy and effective alternative to The Atkins diet, Body Opus and The Anabolic Diet. It is a high fat diet which turns your body into a fat burning muscle building machine! In 1997 I used this exact diet to go from 193 pounds at 11 percent body fat to an awesome 221 pounds at 6.3 percent body fat… in a sixteen week period!
I experienced a gain of 35 pounds of muscle and lost 7 pounds of fat in the same sixteen week period! I concluded the sixteen week period with excellent health as well! For those of you that can follow this diet, it is great to rotate with the Detailed Physique eating plan. It also has been updated to include my revolutionary dietary fat principles.

Bonus # 3 - The Secret to Peak Body Performance

Included in this easy to follow concise report is a one week diet program to incorporate with The Detailed Physique Plan. It is a body tune up designed to recharge and cleanse you for continued Peak performance. No fitness buff or Athlete should go without this!

Bonus # 4 - Glycemic Index and Carbohydrate Counters

Carbohydrates are really the loose canons in your diet with regards to gaining unnecessary hard to lose fat. Two of the characteristics of carbohydrates to monitor which help you reduce these risks are The Glycemic Index and the amount of carbohydrates in the foods you eat. As well to get the most out of your training it can be beneficial to eat high glycemic carbohydrates at certain times throughout your day. This is why to make your life easier, and be able to offer a complete program; I have included an exceptional Glycemic Index and a detailed Carbohydrates counter.

Bonus # 5 - Free Access to my forthcoming Members Only Online Personal Training Site
I am excited to announce my Forthcoming Personal Training Members Only Site! This site is shaping up to be the industry leader in online fitness help. It will be the definitive source for up to date news breaking information and the only authorized Detailed Physique support network. As soon as the new site, Physiquetips.com is live, all registered owners of The Detailed Physique will gain a free six month trial! Membership to the site is $39.95 for a three month period. This alone is worth more than the cost of the whole Detailed Physique Volumes I. II, III and IV! Some of the features you can look forward to are:

  • The Email Coach: Email personal training support( Physical mental emotional and spiritual )
  • Message board for Authorized up to date ground breaking truths about fitness and health
  • Supplement reviews and suggestions
  • New recipes that are delicious and Comply to The Detailed Physique plan
  • Member support and accountability workshops
  • Book and Product reviews
  • Real time Chats weekly with the author. I tell you what I could not write down!
  • Training tips and techniques
  • New workout routines that incorporate Into The Revolutionary Four Week Plan
  • Daily motivation Tips
  • Inspiration
  • Detailed troubleshooting help like you cannot get anywhere
  • Monthly Prizes for reaching certain training landmarks like: Most Improved Member, Most Inspiring member, Best Member Tip Of The Month and more!
  • Member discounts on affiliate products
  • My Detailed step by step training diary filled in for you to read in real time!
  • Fun and meeting great people with the same interests!

Bonus Six - 50% Commission for spreading the word!

When you finally read the Detailed Physique It will really register how bold and revolutionary this program is. I am essentially cutting my own throat and any chance of affiliating with many of the big supplement companies or the multi billion dollar health industry. I could have sold out like every body else and made myself a great living but my ethics would not let me do that! I couldn''t live with myself. So essentially what I am saying is in order to finally bring you the truth I have eliminated my opportunity to affiliate with many of the big players in this industry. Now I rely on you to help and spread the word.
As a special thank you for spreading the word about this New Era in Healthy Body Shaping, I would like to offer an industry leading 50% commission(on net profit)to you for every sale you make of this program! I believe in the truth and once you study anything with this much detail the truth will surface!

Bonus Seven - Order before midnight and your name will be put in a draw to be personally trained by the author!
As a final bonus by ordering before midnight tonight you could be one of two people chosen to be personally trained by me for a three month period! As my time is limited I no longer am taking on clients and do not know how long I can continue this exclusive offer. As My client I will insist that you are seriously motivated to succeed as I take your success personally. If you are chosen you will also have to pass an interview with me. I will be training you with the purpose to showcase the power of this revolutionary program. Please do not get your hopes up as I will only commit to personally training two people and I refuse to spread myself too thin and lower my standards.
The Detailed Physique is a complete "Encyclopedia" to Gaining muscle and Losing fat! More importantly it is a manifesto to Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health. It is The Key to getting your ideal body in as quick a time as humanly possible! The information is a complete step by step detail by detail guide focused on your glorious success!

Stop Spinning Your Wheels-The success you''ve worked so hard to achieve can finally be yours!

These bonuses are subject to chance at any time without notice