Want to change your body shape by reducing unwanted fat through liposuction and don't Want to spend a lot of money?

Want to change your body shape by reducing unwanted fat through liposuction and don't Want to spend a lot of money?

Please feel free to read the information below about, unwanted body fat, liposuction, non surgical fat reduction. Then when you are ready, or after you have talked to other providers of liposuction, contact us. We are a small and growing organisation with our doctor having a passion for liposuction and body reshaping. You should see his amazing results with liposuction using unqiue American leading edge training and equipment. Advantages of waterjet liposuction are quicker recovery, less pain, fine tune results." Liposuction is the answer to getting rid of genetic bulges".

Waterjet Liposcution

Our aim is to be honest with you and if we can''t help you we will suggest who can. We keep our prices to what we feel are the lowest in the country with our low overheads and efficiencies in our service. The price of liposuction should not be the only factor in your decision to choose a liposuction provider, you should consider our care for your safety and for you getting the result you want, but why waste money? "

Contact us to be suprised at what we can do.

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This web site hopes to explore the possiblities and open the door to body shape improvement for many.

Can you exercise fat away from specific areas?

Personal trainers often get asked "show me an exercise to lose my love handles“. The media and marketers have taken full advantage of this belief to produce infomercials and equipment designed to work "specifically" on the stomach and thighs, to give you "toned" legs or "buns of steel".

The misconception of burning fat from a specific area of the body has been proven by research. In 1984, Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport reported that thirteen males did a total of 5000 sit-ups in 27 days. Biopsies of the subject’s fat cells were used to measure the change in fat cell diameter. The results showed that the subjects lost fat equally from the stomach, glutes, and upper back even though they only worked their abdominals. In a six-month long study of women who mainly did leg exercises for approximately nine hours per week, it was found that they lost an average of 5.7 pounds of fat. The Journal of Applied Physiology, the periodical that published this study, reported that the distribution of fat loss was 2.9 pounds from the trunk, 2.8 pounds from the arms, and 0 from their thighs. Their weekly nine hours of leg work resulted in zero fat loss from their thighs!

In a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in 1971, where world-class tennis players were tested to see if spot reduction could help in reducing the fat from the arms. The idea behind this study was that if spot reduction worked, the players would have one arm that''s leaner than the other. Obviously, tennis players use their dominant arms forcefully everyday while doing relatively little with their non-dominant arms. Though the researchers did find the dominant arm to be bigger due to more muscle tone, there was no difference at all between arms in fat thickness. This study showed that working a certain muscle does not necessarily affect the fat deposits that may be lying above that muscle.

It is common knowledge that weight loss is achieved by healthy eating and moderate to intense exercise.

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