Nissan Cube Complaints

Nissan Cube Complaints

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Nissan Cube Complaints

Are you planning to purchase a used or a new Nissan Cube model? If yes, make sure you are aware of the manufacture recalls made in the past, if any, for the model you are willing to buy. A comprehensive list of all consumer complaints made till date by car users across the country is compiled by the NHTSA and can be availed from their official website.

This list also includes the history of safety recalls issued for defective parts for different car models. Therefore, be sure to check this list for the Nissan Cube model you are willing to buy. Also remember that if the model you choose has been recalled, you can get it fixed or replaced for free at an authorized Nissan dealer.

As per the reports and lists published on Nissan Cube models till date, the most common complaints and related recall notices for Nissan Cube are as follows:

  • Nearly 46,000 Cube models were recalled on 22nd July 2010, after consumer complaints regarding faulty gasoline storage and defective fuel system started to surface. The fuel leakage in the 2009 Nissan Cube models exceeded far beyond the permissible limits.
  • Another popular complaint made by Nissan Cube owners was pertaining to the faulty regulation and monitoring systems, and defective tires. Nearly 143,223 units were found to have the same problem and the recall was issued on 5th October 2009. This complaint was commonly made by users from West Virginia, New Jersey, Ohio, Maine, Michigan, Maryland, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, and Washington DC. The main defect that was identified in these cases was that the nut material, which plays a vital role in securing the TPMS’ sensor transmitter, used to crack and corrode easily on uneven roads, causing the TPMS light to illuminate every now and then.

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