Is Cabbage Soup Diet really the Best Diet?

Is Cabbage Soup Diet really the Best Diet?

Sustained weight loss requires skills I’m still trying to master on a daily basis. I’m finding that overcoming years of screwed-up eating habits is considerably harder than I thought it would be. Sustained weight loss requires skills I’m trying to learn on a daily basis. Even now, I sometimes fall off the healthful-food wagon and [...]

Years ago, after my baby weight (what I packed on with my twins) didn’t seemed to disappear, I heard about this Cabbage Soup Diet and I decided to give it a try. I followed the diet and dropped 9 pounds in a week. At first, the soup was tasty but at the end of the [...]

Over the last few months into my weight loss journey I learned a lot about myself. As I consciously pay attention to what I eat, what my emotions are I learned a great deal about myself. Weight Loss Wisdom is not just a title for today’s post. They are tips what I learned from others, [...]

I started my day in a great mood. It’s weigh-in day. Once a week I step on the scale to weigh myself (ok I will confess, sometimes more often; but that really doesn’t matter, as the main point is follow how I do in a week period). The scale showed 160 pounds. I know this [...]

I will share my Best Diet Tips and Strategies that helped me stay focused and on the go. Like most women, I too juggle careers, family and commitments. What means that some days I have trouble getting enough fruits, vegetables and fiber. Fortunately, I learned how to get back on track. Here, then, are some [...]