Group Liquid

Group Liquid

liquid bulk: The new COA code

Until 10 years ago, liquids carried in containers have been carried out mainly in the 24,000 liter stainless steel containers in the tank or steel drums. All classified as dangerous must still be done this way, but in recent years have seen an increase in the volume of liquid hazardous cargo pass-no single use Flexitanks Operating on the principle of these cases of wine, you can buy. The liquid is pumped into a polyethylene tank that fits in a standard collapsible container 20 feet. liquid cargo non-hazardous bulk – such as food products, base oils, edible oils, wine, glycerin, fruit juice, non-hazardous chemicals and latex – no longer have to be transported in bulk in tanks, drums, tanks or ISO.

Love them or hate them

Flexitanks cutting cleaning, storage and placement costs, are sterile, recyclable, easy loading and unloading, and because they are lighter, cheaper goods. No wonder the owners of the cargo made for them. Absorption has increased eightfold between 2001 and 300,000 at high loads this year. This should reach half a million 2014.

You expect shipping companies to be happy too, because – in terms of handling – a flexitank is only another container. But is it? The provider number has increased demand and, as expected, much of the manufacturing is now done in low cost economies. As a consultant Captain Gerrit Uitbeijerse flexitank stresses, cranes and bad weather put much emphasis on flexitanks: enough for the fear, many times, and pollute the vessel. "If it was a leak of 200 liters, which is a nuisance when one liter flexitank 24,000 you have for your life!

The design of dry cargo container is highly regulated; flexitanks are not, "said Gerrit. Shipping lines want a rule that could give some security and protection, until then, some have responded with a supplement, while others refuse to run flexitanks all.

Something must be done: three years ago, Andrew Watson, Director of Logistics, Braid flexitanks manufactures and their exploitation for customers, met with two shipping lines and other manufacturer / operator: this group as well as containers Owners''Association, management group formed to implement flexitanks COA.

EL CAMINO rights as defined

Therefore, the COA was able to publish its Code of Practice for the manufacture and operation of container combinations Flexitanks Flexitank on 1 January this year. "We have had to have a code to enable the industry to continue growing," says Patrick Hicks, Secretary General of the COA but the Conference of the Parties is a recommendation, not a regulation, provides a set of manufacturing and control, which guarantees to users if a flexitank meets code requirements and is properly loaded in the container is unlikely to cause a problem. "

However, shipping companies can not if they refer to the rules of the COP flexitanks unless a certification system within the meaning of an ISO standard. Certification is administered by an agency of maritime rules, such as Lloyd''s Register and Bureau Veritas. "The people who send large tonnages of flexitank like to say that manufacturers obtain COA meet, "said Watson.

crash test train is available for installation TÜV Süd in Görlitz, Germany. It simulates the deceleration when a ship is a large wave. However, no be easy to implement a credible global testing and verification given that most manufacturing is now in the Far East. "To my knowledge we the only company that has been completed with a rail impact test flexitank successfully TüV end, "says Andrew Tisi, CEO Polyethylene Philton Converters (PPC), which makes flexitanks in Essex, with a joint venture in China too. "The Code of Practice will a beneficial effect on the entire industry. "


Responsible buyers are willing to pay a little more with the Code, but the cost reduction will not disappear until there is a robust verification system, Tisi said. Currently PPC, which has invested much test equipment can not produce fast enough to meet flexitanks the recession of the subsequent application. "However, the future depends all shipping companies: they can decide to accept only verified flexitanks COA but until then there will always be people out there willing to undermine the market, "he said.

To apply the ACO code result of price inflation at a time when the whole pressure to reduce costs. Although shipping companies may refuse flexitanks, the ultimate responsibility, "owners" Uitbeijerse Gerrit said: "They should treat their wines, or anything with all the care a mother gives her son was getting rough handling that certainly deserves a decent support! "


  • The cheapest way to move the fluid
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Collapsible – easy to store when empty
  • Recyclable – most countries have facilities for recycling polyethylene
  • Also new – no risk of contamination
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Group Liquid
Which of the following properties is not a feature of the Group 1A elements (alkali metals)?

A) They are brilliant. B) They are good conductors heat. C) react vigorously with water. D) Most of them are liquid at room temperature. E) are good conductors of electricity.

Pura alkali metals are liquid at room temperature. It is an alloy that is liquid though. "NAK" is a mixture of sodium and potassium. This is a driver heat very efficiently, but must be used in sealed pipes, as it reacts explosively with air or water.

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