Evolv Car Program: Dude, where's my car?

Evolv Car Program: Dude, where's my car?

by Brent Hicks – Chief Executive Officer

FutureCeuticals® Research Summary — Explanation of Results

The second phase of ex vivo studies with FutureCeuticals® is now complete. In order to help you better understand the significant scientific importance of these exciting results, below are some definitions of terms as well as a summary of findings.


Ex vivo: Tests performed ex vivo (Latin: out of the living) take place outside an organism but can be performed in or on tissue—in our case, on human blood cells—with the minimum alteration of natural conditions.

Bioactivity: Bioactivity refers to the specific effect on, or a reaction in, living animal or plant tissue upon exposure to a substance., i.e. happenings inside cells.

Oxygen Metabolism: Oxygen Metabolism is one of the key ways a cell burns fuel to produce useful energy. It is a set of the metabolic reactions and processes the body uses to convert biochemical energy from nutrients into Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).

ATP and ADP: ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate (Tri- means 3) is a coenzyme used as the main energy storage and transfer molecule in the cells of all known organisms. ATP breakdown to ADP or Adenosine Diphosphate (Di- means 2) releases effective energy the cell uses in its every activity, including just staying alive. This is a constant process. The rapid breakdown and rebuilding of ATP provides the rapid energy transfer required for efficient cellular activities including growth, reproduction and healing. (the line starting with “rebuilding of ATP…..” is really smushed and needs to be spread apart)

Krebs Cycle: The Krebs Cycle refers to a complex series of chemical reactions in all cells that utilize oxygen as part of their respiration process. The Krebs Cycle is ongoing in the human body.

Free Radicals: Free Radicals are molecules responsible for aging, tissue damage, and many diseases. They are unstable and must bond with other molecules, thereby destroying their vigor and perpetuating the detrimental process.

Lactic Acid: Lactic Acid is the by-product of the anaerobic energy pathway, or glycolysis, whereby ATP is produced from carbohydrate metabolism. Lactic Acid provides fuel for tissues and liver production of glucose and glycogen, and helps use dietary carbohydrates. Too much of it, however, can interfere with electrical signals in the muscles and nerves, slowing energy reactions and causing undesirable physiological behavior.

ROS: ROS (reactive oxygen species). are chemically-reactive molecules containing oxygen. During times of environmental stress, ROS levels can increase dramatically. This can result in significant damage to cell structures.


The Archaea Active™ formula produced measurable ex vivo bioactivity when subjected to FutureCeuticals® bio-analytical platform.

The ex vivo research performed by FutureCeuticals® verified that the Archaea Active™ formula stimulated oxygen metabolism and increased ATP production. More importantly, the formula increased oxygen metabolism and ATP production without undesirable increases in lactic acid levels or free radical production. Researchers are not aware of any other supplement or formula, to date, that has the same potential benefits without these negative effects.

FutureCeuticals® TargeTest™ results have shown to date:

1. The Archaea Active™ formula stimulated intracellular oxygen metabolism within fresh, viable human blood cells from multiple donors.

2. The Archaea Active™ formula increased intracellular ATP production within fresh, viable human blood cells from multiple donors.

3. As intracellular ATP production went up, intracellular ADP production went down. This is desirable, healthy Krebs Cycle activity.

4. Observed increases of intracellular ATP within blood cells were not accompanied by inordinate increases in intracellular lactic acid within fresh human blood cells.

5. Observed increases in intracellular ATP and oxygen metabolism within blood cells were not accompanied by increases in intracellular HORAC (hydroxyl free radicals) or intracellular ROS (reactive oxygen species).

FutureCeuticals® expects to publish its first scientific paper containing details of this exciting research this fall. The next phase of testing, also scheduled to commence this fall, will include acute human clinical studies. These will be followed by a larger placebo controlled human clinical study utilizing a double blind method at the end of 2010 or beginning of 2011.

About FutureCeuticals®

FutureCeuticals® is a vertically integrated bio-technology company and raw material supplier specializing in the discovery, development, manufacturing, processing, growing, and marketing of scientifically innovative nutraceuticals, functional foods, probiotics and cosmetic ingredients. The company’s state-of-the-art facilities cover over 2 million square feet of manufacturing space, and include manufacturing locations in Illinois, Wisconsin, California and Europe, as well as a new bio-research laboratory facility in Irvine, California. The facilities encompass full-production and scale-up lines, two quality assurance labs, an HPLC, TLC, GCMS, FTIR reference lab, and a knowledgeable staff of doctoral-level scientists. The Company processes over 60 million pounds of non-GMO fruit, vegetable and grain-based ingredients every year. Privately held and family-owned, FutureCeuticals® is a sister company to Van Drunen Farms (www.vandrunenfarms.com). More information is available at www.futureceuticals.com.

About EvolvHealth, LLC.

EvolvHealth is a direct sales consumer health company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Its purpose is to help people improve their family’s physical and financial well-being through science-driven products and entrepreneurial opportunities. To learn more about Evolv or become a distributor of the Evolv product, go to www.evolvhealth.com.

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