CARING PROFESSIONALS Information About Still Hurting? FIND HEALTH!™

CARING PROFESSIONALS Information About Still Hurting? FIND HEALTH!™

People are hurting these days.

Overstressed, fatigued, anxious, and/or depressed, they suffer from headaches, chest pain, stomachaches, insomnia, and muscle pain all over their bodies. Physical symptoms manifest mental anguish. Emotional distress triggers pain. As caregivers—primary care physicians, medical specialists, psychologists, counselors, and clergy—at the frontlines of their suffering, we are witnessing an epidemic of symptoms and symptom syndromes.

Epidemic of Symptoms and Symptom Syndromes

Often, our compatriots in the medical community cannot explain what is causing these symptoms. When test results do not reveal their cause, doctors describe them as medically unexplained symptoms (MUS), also known as functional symptoms. They may still make a diagnosis, and give the symptoms a name like fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, or chronic fatigue syndrome. These are called, functional somatic syndromes or central sensitivity syndromes. But at best the diagnosis is a label, which clumps together an aggregate of unexplainable symptoms the tests fail to comprehend. Within the traditional medical comfort zone of linear cause and effect, where (A), the symptoms, are caused by (B), the diagnosis, as confirmed by the tests, medically unexplained symptoms are frustrating, discomforting, and a dead end.

Out of Time

Constrained by the ten minute average office visit they have with their patients, doctors don''t have the time or the training to explore further the myriad of biological, hereditary, psychological, spiritual, and/or social factors, which may underlie their patients'' symptoms. Patients may leave the doctor''s office with a prescription. But still hurting, they don''t understand what''s wrong.

Symptoms Doctors Can''t Explain

"Are the symptoms in my mind?" they may wonder. "Have I done something wrong?" they may fear. "How can my medical tests be normal when I''m hurting like this?" they lament. Seeking comfort, counsel, an alternative ear, they look to you for help in confronting and alleviating their pain. As you well know, many seek help from other caring professionals as well.

Fragmented Care

As a result, our care receivers are fragmented from within (with multiple symptoms that are seemingly unrelated) and without (multiple doctors and caregivers seemingly not relating effectively with one another to provide care that is integrative and coordinated). This is one of several reasons why many seek care from alternative medicine practitioners.

What''s Behind the Symptoms?

We stand with those suffering in their effort to discover "What''s behind the symptoms?" We believe this is your orientation, too.

New Book: Still Hurting? FIND HEALTH!

In our new book, Still Hurting? Discover What''s Behind Your Symptoms (That Doctors Can''t Explain), we provide an integrated approach to personal health (links for the book trailer and Slideshare presentation are located on the homepage and right panel of this webpage). It is based upon a holistic understanding of mind/brain, body, and soulful spirit, reinforced by complementary, non-fragmented professional care. Too often these days, we have also witnessed the distressing fact that care is fragmented: mind segregated from body, body divided into subspecialist parts, with caregivers unaware of each others'' existence. Contrary to current wisdom, this approach is bad for one''s health.

New Model of Disease and Health

Therefore, our book contains a new model of disease and health, which is unique because it does not narrowly focus upon a single branch of knowledge to decipher why people are still hurting with symptoms that doctors can''t explain. Instead, it comprehends that it is the integrationof wisdom of ancient healing traditions, modern science, medicine, psychology, spirituality, and faith, which provides the basis for understanding why people are symptomatic and how they can find health.

In essence, we believe:



Everyone hurts. Life is hard, too fast, complicated, and very stressful; we weren’t designed to live this way. The real dis-ease that results is dysfunction and the relational imbalance of our complex mind/brains, bodies, and souls, expressed as symptoms and symptom syndromes in epidemic proportion. However, by looking behind the symptoms and confronting what we find, we can regain our balance and FIND HEALTH.


PART 1 describes the symptoms epidemic of which we are all a part. It then lays out the problems we face as patients and caregivers in dealing with it.

PART 2 explains how we are set up for balance and health. It describes how we are intended to function internally and in relationship to our external environment (nurture) and heredity/genetics (nature).

PART 3 describes the how and why of our becoming imbalanced, dysfunctional, and symptomatic.

PART 4 shows how we can regain our balance and function to FIND HEALTH.


Ten illustrations introduced early depict the key concepts. The book is designed to be read from start to finish, and the first three parts have the following structure:

CHAPTER TITLElays out the essential lesson of the chapter;

QUESTIONS focus upon the content of the chapter;

QUOTES reinforce the message;

ABOUT THE QUOTESamplifies and enhances the chapter lesson;

CASE PRESENTATIONSreflect our personal, professional, and educational experience;

HEADINGS divide the chapter discussion into carefully crafted sections that build upon one another; and

LINK relates the chapter with the next chapter or part.

The format of PART 4 is a departure from the first three parts and includes HEADINGS only.

The Bibliography lists the sources in sequence as they are cited in each chapter.


We hope you will read the sample content found on our website, encourage your care receivers to do the same, and consider our book as a resource:

Still Hurting? FIND HEALTH!
Discover What''s Behind Your Symptoms
(That Doctors Can''t Explain)
by William B. Salt II, M.D. and Thomas L. Hudson, M.Div., J.D.

Mission Statement:
Helping people who hurt
with symptoms and pain
(that doctors can''t explain)