Body Confidence Tips To Love The You Right Now

Body Confidence Tips To Love The You Right Now

Body Confidence Tips To Love The You Right Now

One big mistake that far too many people make as they go about their health and fitness goals is not showing themselves enough self-love.

They may constantly berate themselves for being at the weight they are and say that everything will get better once they are at X weight.

The problem with this is that very often, things don’t get better once you reach X weight and you become incredibly disappointed because you once thought that losing weight was the answer to all your life woes.

Only it’s not and those woes are still in place even when you are the new slimmer you.

Furthermore, if you are not treating yourself well because you don’t feel you are worthy when you are at a higher weight, this can actually hold you back from seeing progress as well.

Therefore, fostering positive body confidence in the body you are in right now is a much wiser plan.

Here are some tips on how to gain better body confidence in yourself.

Focus On Your Strengths

First, rather than constantly focusing on the thighs you think are too big or the love handles you have present, start taking some time to notice what you do like about your body.

Maybe you have nicely toned shoulders or you have a butt that turns heads.

Whatever it is, focus on that more often. You’ll get an instant boost to yourself self-esteem and find you focus less on your ‘trouble areas’.

Look At Your Self Talk

Next, also take a good look at the self talk you’re using on a daily basis.

What sorts of things are you telling yourself?

Are they positive and encouraging or do they only serve to break you down?

Remember that the statements you say to yourself are very powerful and in time, you will start to believe them.

If you’re constantly telling yourself that you can’t do it, you will find that you really can’t.

If you constantly tell yourself that you can, don’t be surprised if it really comes true.

Avoid Comparisons

Also always make sure that you are avoiding comparisons as well. While it’s fine to look at a fitness model (or other model)for inspiration, remember that those models are airbrushed and very often do not look anything like that in real life.

Keep realistic expectations and don’t expect yourself to look like a computer image because that is virtually impossible.

Think About Your Performance

Finally, last but not least, try and focus more on what your body does for you. Is it lifting more and more weight in the gym?

Are you finding that you can walk up a few flights of stairs easier without losing your breath?

All of these are very good things and should be noted. When you focus on them, you’ll focus less on the physical characteristics that you don’t like.

So there you have some quick body-image boosting tips to remember. Focus on treating yourself well now, regardless of your weight.