An MLM Expert’s Review of YOR Health

An MLM Expert’s Review of YOR Health

As you may know, I recently joined the YOR Health Network Marketing company, and so far so great! Despite my initial scare of “YOR Health SCAM”, that I read about the first night I was researching the company, my participation in the company to date has been a blast! I have met a lot of great people here in the Orange County area with fascinating backgrounds and from all walks of life. So far, this has been a true breathe of fresh air for me!

Next, I want to take a moment to talk about the products. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE PRODUCTS! I have been taking the products for several weeks now, and using them in conjunction with the regimen provided by the company. Almost instantly I noticed the follow improvements to my overall health.

1.) I had much more energy throughout my day
2.) Healthier hair
3.) Stronger nails
4.) Clearer skin
5.) I have also lost 7 pounds so far!!

I will probably follow up with a full article about my YOR Health experiences in a few days, but for now I want to address the off-the-wall random event for the week.

So over the weekend, an old college friend of mine texted me out of the blue with a text that read. “Hey Jenny girl! This is Mel from Read Hall, I hope life has been treating you well [smiley face] I think I might have something you would be interested in!”

Talk about a blast from the past. I was so surprised and also confused how Mel had found my cell number and contacted me. I was also baffled. What was she referring to in her text? I figured there was only one way to find out, so instead of playing the texting game I decided to call her and ask.

Mel answered and she was very energetic, as always. She asked me how I had been, I told her about my 2 daughters and how I am still living in beautiful Southern California. After a little more small talk, Mel revealed to me that she had been involved with a great “direct sales” company for several years now and was looking for more strong business oriented woman to join up with her. I thought to myself, “Wow, this sounds familiar…”

She went on to say that she is almost making a six figure income with them, and all I would need to do is follow her lead, and she would help work the business for me. At this point I realized I needed to let Mel know that I too was in fact involved with a network marketing company.

When I told Mel that I had joined YOR Health, she said that she had heard of the company before but had not yet looked into it. I asked Mel if she would do me a favor and pull up the YOR Health website and let me know what she thought.

Of course I was expecting her to tell me how much better her company was than YOR Health, and how I needed to join up with her, but actually she seemed quite surprised. She told me that the YOR Health compensation plan looks really promising, she said mainly because YOR Health pays 50% of the sales to the Distributor force. I asked her if that was good? She said there are other Network Marketing companies out there that claim that they pay 50% of sales, but they normally don’t pay CV (Commissionable Volume) at a ratio of 1:1.

I asked her to explain that to me. Mel explained that most companies will charge something like $145 for a package, but the distributor will only earn 100CV on the sale. This means the company is already profiting $45 of the sale, and then they pay out only 50% of the CV. So that means 50% of 100 dollars, or in this case $50.

I told her that seems deceptive. She said that it is a pretty slimy trick that a lot of companies use in this industry, but a real MLM expert can see right through it. She said that YOR Health appears to pay out almost dollar for dollar, which makes them appear very ethical in her book.

This made me feel really good, since I don’t really know things like this. I then asked Mel if she noticed anything else that was either good or bad about the information on the company website. Next she clicked the testimonial link and she said, “Wow, this list of testimonials is pretty impressive.” I let her know I also thought the same thing when I first visited the website, and I also told her briefly about Sarah’s amazing transformation.

She asked me if Sarah had a testimonial on the website so she could also see her transformation. I told Mel that Sarah had not submitted one yet, but she was planning on it. Mel made another good statement regarding testimonials. She said, “It really is amazing how many people don’t submit testimonials even when their experience has changed their lives.” This got me thinking about how many good YOR Health testimonials are out there that are not even on the website.

Next, Mel talked about the products, and asked me what makes them different than other companies’ products. I explained to her that YOR Health focuses on Effective Nutrition using patented enzyme blends. Mel seemed interested, so I gave her a quick run through of the product line and my experience with them so far.

After I was finished talking about the products Mel seemed pretty impressed. I told her that I have been pretty passionate about the company ever since I started because of how good I am feeling these days, and also the people I have been able to meet. Mel replied, “That is how you know you found the right network marketing company; when you do it right, it does not even feel like work!”

I asked Mel, if she had any complaints about the company that she worked for? She told me the biggest problem she faces is that there are always companies that are producing similar products to the ones that she sells and that they try to undercut her prices. She said they claim to do the same thing, but for cheaper. I asked her if it was hurting her business and she told me that she has noticed that it does not affect the people that signup with her so much, but rather people don’t seem to be sticking around as long.

By the way she explained it; it seemed that it might be a fundamental flaw with the way her company is structured. I asked her, if her company had any unique products that they planned on launching anytime soon to help counter this issue? She simply didn’t know of anything, and said it is not that the product is not unique, but that people seem to have lost the focus on our product all together.

This came as a surprise to me because in YOR Health, the products are undoubtedly the star of the company. I have also received a good amount of product training to date, and also everyone in the company says, “first you have to be a product of the product!” and I truly believe that is a great approach when starting any new business venture.

I asked Mel if she would consider doing YOR Health on the side of the MLM she was currently with. She said that she already had a large group at the current company she is with and she would not be able to help me build YOR Health. BUT she did tell me that YOR Health really appears to have a solid grip on this industry and from what she could see they were making all the right moves to become a really large and successful MLM company one day.

This made me feel great, and I was thrilled that Mel had texted me! Which lead to the question, how the heck did she get my number? When I asked Mel she told me a really funny story, but basically it turns out I sold a house to someone she recently bumped into, and they gave her my cell number. Such a small yet wonderful world we live in!

So maybe YOR Health is not for Mel at this time, but I have a feeling I will be talking with her again about this same topic in the not so distant future.

The YOR Health journey continues!


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