What helped me with my Chronic Constipation caused by my mercury fillings which caused Candida?

What helped me with my Chronic Constipation caused by my mercury fillings which caused Candida?

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Chronic Constipation is not having soft brown bowel movements on daily basics. The stools will be dry and hard to pass. Millions of people have this problem. Many people take harsh laxatives not realizing this practice is damaging and doesn’t solve the problem.

Let’s deal with the problem now. In many cases it may be just a lack of fiber and water. People tend to drink sodas, coffee and other drinks in place of water. I had a close friend I worked with years ago who only drank Mountain Dews. She ended up with a serious kidney problem. You need to gradually add more whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Like it or not this is the way to good health and help rid yourself of chronic constipation. Lay down the sodas and try x2o. It now comes in a tropical flavor and has all the important minerals in it. Click on the link below to find out more about what to drink.

I had Candida that was caused by my mercury fillings. This situation causes chronic constipation because mercury leaches out and kills the good bacteria in the digestive system. I tried many natural foods and products through the years and then I found the answer.

Chronic Constipation + Remedy

I had chronic constipation and now I have a remedy. I had used cascara sagrada that is a really good herb to use for Candida. You shouldn’t use it for a long period of time. Aloe vera is also very good but some people don’t tolerate aloe vera very well. Always buy quality. Next I used psyllium husk. It is a great product that helps cleanse the intestinal pockets and cleanse out the mucus. I had also used prune juice but the food that really helped me was fresh garlic. If you have Candida this will also kill it. It kills many kinds of parasites. If you have silver fillings in your mouth, yeast infection or digestive problems please consider my three-step plan to restore health. You must alkalize, cleanse and last you must build. To learn more click on the links below. Thanks for visiting. Come again.

To learn more about x2o and alkalization, which hydrates the body with, much needed minerals and this helps elimination. Xooma also sells cleanse programs, colloidal silver called Silver-Max and probiotics which is good a bacteria.

Learn more about probiotics. Check out the best probiotic I have found.Really good for chronic constipation. colloidal silver kills parasites and helps many other health problems. Purchase it at xooma. It is called silver-max