What Does Catastrophic Health Insurance Cover

What Does Catastrophic Health Insurance Cover

Government involvement in health care?

Can someone explain to me ALL the ways government is involved in health care now (pre obamacare)? Also, does the government mandate what conditions health insurance companies cover? If they don’t, why would health insurance companies voluntarily choose to cover everything, instead of just catastrophic conditions?

Yes, they are the single payer for Medicare (tens of millions covered), the funder for Medicaid (which covers the poor and disabled and some others), veterans hospitals and clinics, military hospitals and clincs, medical research (billions worth every year that private companies won’t do), mental health services, funding of residents (MDs who graduate and work in a specialty for 1-8 years, all funded by the feds), money to fund doctor and nurse training, funding for community health centers, which tend to be in urban low income areas and in areas that are isolated and rural. I’m sure there others, but this is a HUGE investment by the feds.

Many states do mandate that insurance companies must cover certain conditions. For instance, insurance cos were trying to only cover 24 hours for the birth of a baby where there were no complications. At least it was mandated for at least 48 hours!

ADD: We always hear about the horrors of England and Canada. There are MANY other ways that other “civilized” countries provide universal or near-universal health care.

Catastrophic Health Insurance; Solution to Health Crisis

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