The Day I met Ron Williams of fgXpress

The Day I met Ron Williams of fgXpress

The Financial Pain Project

Yesterday I was invited to meet Ron Williams the owner of Forever Green and now the newly created company FGxpress. I had to drive to Corona, Ca. to attend this meeting. I cannot tell you that I was enthusiastic about meeting Ron Williams. The only reason I went to the meeting was to get some PowerStrips. Plus the idea of getting on the 91 freeway was way more than I can even think about, much less tolerate. If you live in Southern California or used to, then you know what I mean.

Well what ended up happening is I came away without my PowerStrips because the night was just getting too long and Ron Williams was being pulled here and there, that finally my husband and I just left. What I did come away with was a respect for person who laid out his whole life for everyone to see in a way that made you realize if you are involved with him in any way your life is going to be much better. So following are some experts bullet-point style on what Ron Williams talked about and what I learned about him and his vision.

  • A guy walked into his office and said ‘take a look at this, I just patented it’. It was a strip that looked like a very very skinny pop-tart. Ron’s first reaction was to laugh (and actually he did, probably inside himself). The man explained that you will not find a product like this anywhere, that it was infused with natural ingredients that were specifically designed to eliminate pain. Ron blew it off, for the most part.
  • Apparently Ron broke his back sometime in the past. He didn’t explain how. He just said that the after-effects were so bad that he had to have one of those rubber exercise things above his headboard to help him get out of bed, and that he had to go through these severe motions just to get out of bed.
  • One day while at the office he was experiencing a lot of pain. He asked one of his employees “Hey where are those strips that guy brought in?” He decided couldn’t hurt so he slapped one on. So let’s fast-forward here….
  • Because of his experience of the strip completely eliminating his back pain to the point that he took up baseball again he created a special company called FGXPRESS.
  • The FGXpress name was a fluke. He stated it was a beta name, just until they could figure out how to get the product off the ground. However, news spread so fast that the name stuck so they had to keep it. He laughed about this because he said he tried to market his “real” company name “Forever Green” like for 13 years and he never could. And here he comes up with a beta name “FGXpress that he had no intentions of keeping and yet it created a firestorm. With this alone he knew he had something.
  • They tested the powerstrips on hundreds of people, no employees, only outside average people who had pain. He and his executive team wanted only “outsiders” to test it so the results and testimonials if any would not be slanted or seem as if they were. Bingo!
  • Because of the results everyone was reporting, because of the fact that the name took off, because his own back pain was alleviated Ron knew he had something he could share with the world, not just the U.S. – THE WORLD. And he has done this.
  • Ron spoke of his humble beginnings, about how he grew up in a housing project in Southern California. He spoke of his Mother who as a single mom raised her children alone. Ron explained that though they were poor he never felt like they were.
  • Ron talked about his experiences in Network Marketing, as an executive in some of the top companies that are still around today. None of them can be named here but he did speak of the arrogance he witnessed and the backstabbing and the questionable tactics. He stated that no matter where you go, no matter which company you will find mostly great people and you will find some really bad ones.
  • Ron stated that he wanted his company – FGXpress to be about people first, product second. He explained that we all should want money for the good it can do to help others, not for the good it can do to help us.

There’s so much more that happened this evening. I have to thank my husband for patiently sitting through 2 hours of meeting time. Ron had a lot to say and he said it. Man can talk. Ron is a character. He admitted to not always having done things the best way. He admitted to his failings. He admitted to his mistakes along the way to where he is today. He spoke about his special needs child and how this child taught him the real meaning of life – wonderment and awe – something that he did not instinctly have but he knew it when he saw it and he saw it in his child. Maybe someday you will be ina meeting where he shares the things his daughter has said to him. They were pretty funny and sweet, endearing and tear-jerking.

At about 9pm I still saw no signs of anyone bringing out any PowerStrips. Ron had finished his talk. One of the leaders of the group was congratulating people and everyone was very happy and enthusiastic. My husband, well he was silently fuming. He is Japanese and didn’t understand most of what was said. I knew it was time to get him home, and I knew with all the excitement going on I could not wait any longer for PowerStrips. I would just have to wait for my shipment to arrive. I ordered them a few days ago.

On my way out of the meeting I could see Ron being pulled here and there to have his picture taken. Everyone wanted to have their picture taken with him. Even this I could not do because my phone had died about an hour before.

I decided there was no way I was leaving without shaking Ron’s hand, so I turned and got in the middle of these 3 women hovering around Ron. I grabbed his hand and said to him “I’m not leaving until I shake your hand”. He looked at me in a sort of bewilderment, then some other lady grabbed him.

Off we went to our hour long drive home back to Brea.

The Financial Pain Project

Click this link to learn more about the PowerStrips and and Ron’s company and his vision. I coined it “Financial Pain Project”: FINANCIALPAINPROJECT.COM. If you decide you want to join this company and be part of the movement to remove pain, both physical and financial, please go back to the person who told you about it. If it was me you can contact me here

p.s. I have to tell you one more story. You know how there are times when you’re trying to get something done and EVERYTHING goes wrong? Well Ron yesterday had one of those days. He told us about all the meetings and demands on his time that he had to leave without packing. Then when he got to the airport rental car area his driver’s license fell in between the register and the counter, down into a black hole. It could not be retrieved so he ended up taking a yellow taxi to the Country Club where the meeting was being held. He arrived tired, hungry, with no clothes to changed into, but he arrived! What does Woody Allen say about success – 90% of it is just showing up. LOL!