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Pligg Content Management System Alcohol Addiction Or Habit Recipes Healthy

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The phpPennyAuction book is powerful, scalable & fully-featured program that allows we to emanate a ultimate essential online penny auction website, usually like Bid Ray, MadBid & more. Manage your whole online auction operation by it: emanate new auctions within seconds, set adult automobile bidders so your contrast products sell for a cost we want, supplement new pages regulating a built-in CMS (“Content Management System”), change auction forms and payments, and many more.

Tip: Short on time? View a underline draft and review a 3 opposite packages side-by-side. No other penny auction program offers some-more in terms of scalability, plugins or facilities – during any price. Guaranteed!

Check out a LIVE online demo, download a PDF brochure, buy a program now starting from usually $699 or use a 3-day trial.

Penny AuctionsUsers compensate a predertermined cost for any bid, and when any bid is placed a object cost increases by a penny (or any other volume that we choose).

Reverse Auctions Watch as a auction cost decreases, as a timer goes on. A formula new character of auction, implemented as standard. Watch a cost diminution and let business compensate less.

Free AuctionsFree Auctions concede members to bid though bids being debited from their account. Therefore, it costs positively zero for a member to place a bid during a giveaway auction.

Peak Auctions Peak Auctions can be set to automatically postponement and resume during times in that we specify. This means that we can set them to usually run during rise (or off-peak) times.

Beginner AuctionsBeginner Auctions usually concede new members to bid on items. Members who have been purebred on your website for reduction than 30 days.

Nailbiter Auctions Nailbiter Auctions enclose a underline that disables all Bid Butlers, definition that users have to stay during their mechanism in sequence to follow a auction and place a top bid.

Ticker AuctionsTicker Auctions have an combined underline whereby whenever a countdown timer falls next a predertimed value and a bid is placed, a timer will reset to this value.

Buy It Now AuctionsBuy It Now Auctions concede users to squeeze an object during a click of a button. Whenever we list a product we can establish a Buy It Now price.

Search Engine (SEO) FriendlyThe product pretension and a auction ID seem in a page URL, permitting your products to be simply detected by intensity bidders who are regulating Search Engines.

Supports Multiple LanguagesChoose from a preference of languages or supplement your possess by modifying facile calm files, creation your website permitted by anyone.

Supports Multiple CurrenciesCurrencies can be combined in seconds and an total series of currencies can be run during any one time, creation it easier for bidders all over a universe to compensate for their purchases.

Statistics ModuleLearn about Marketing and know your users’ activity by a built-in statistics software. Fully open-source and prepared to use.

Switch And Design TemplatesThe book uses a Smarty-style complement to capacitate we to select from a series of templates and customize them to fit your needs – usually a approach we wish it.

Address Book ImporterAttract some-more bidders by charity users giveaway bids when they entice their friends to pointer up. The residence Book Importer creates this effortless.

Newsletter ApplicationKeep your bidders behest by provision them with present information on products and services you’re charity by promulgation them Newsletters.

Native English SupportAll of a products come with local English support as standard. This means genuine people who pronounce English in mother-tongue, who can promulgate with we clearly & concisely.

Free, Unlimited SupportWe offer giveaway support with all of a products. Our LiveChat trickery enables we to hit us during your preference for queries of any nature.

Coupons ModuleAttract new users by word of mouth and recommendation with this offered apparatus by permitting bidders to use banking codes.

Buy It Now ModuleBidders can use their existent bids to squeeze any product during a cost we set though carrying to wait for a auction to end, definition additional income for you.

Automatically Relist ItemsAllows an object to be automatically relisted with a same properties, enabling we to run your website some-more well to save both time and money.

Custom Payment GatewaysAdd a tradition remuneration gateway in mins to work in your country. Previous additions embody PagSeguro, iPay88 and many more.

Export Financial HistoryNeed accounting help? Download and trade to Excel in a series of formats for offline observation when estimate your accounts.

Interoperable DesignCompatible with a many widely used web browsers, we can strech out to millions – wherever they are.

Software InstallerUse a Automated Installer to implement a book for you, right onto your web server.

Includes 8 Payment GatewaysFully integrated and prepared to configure, so that we can start holding payments on your website immediately.

Google Analytics IntegrationThis absolute analytics apparatus can be integrated to a phpPennyAuction book in seconds.

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Support Desk Script: A facile book that can be simply integrated to your website to concede your members to leave support tickets to ask we for help.

Classifieds Script: Open your possess classifieds site.

URL Submitter Script: Have your possess hunt engine acquiescence service.

Viral Marketing: Offer giveaway promotion to members for members who join in a down line (member joins and they see their sponsors ads, they post their ads and a chairman they impute sees their ads, etc…).

WhatsMyIp Clone: Start your possess IP checker service.

Storefront: Online web-store script. Open your possess online shop!

Affiliate Click-it: Paid to Promote script. Run your possess PTP site.

Scrambled Words: Game site. Site gives visitors a scrambled word and a caller tries to figure out what a word is.

HYIP Monitor Script: Run a HYIP Monitoring site.

Pixel Site Script: Sell blocks for online promotion to visitors.

Paid Autosurf Script: Run your possess auto-traffic exchange!

Popup Exchange: Like a couple sell usually with popups.

PHP Minisite: Got an thought for a new ebook to sell or some product or income creation idea? This book allows people to buy what we are offered and built in associate complement so they can foster and make income for themselves and for you!

Forced Matrix Script: Self Explanatory. Comes with a simple red default design.

Glitter Text Site: Open your possess shine calm builder site. Like those onces for Myspace Graphics arrange of deal.

Daily Horoscope Script: Run your possess horoscope site. Comes with pre-filled predictions formed on what your astrological pointer does to we in certain months of

Bookmark Script Code: Just duplicate and pulp this into your website to concede bookmark links to all a vital amicable networking sites (facebook, twiiter, myspace, etc).

Randomizer Script: Run your possess randomizer site.

Banner Exchange Site Script: Open your possess ensign exchange.

URL Rotator Script: Site that allows members to stagger total websites. Has giveaway and pro memberships we can sell + ensign advertising.

Free Ad Board Site Script: Run a place for members to post giveaway calm ads. Advanced OTO setup, ensign sales, pro upgrade, and some-more goodies!

Game Room Script: Own a full on diversion room book pre-filled with fun games! Stick your Adhitz or promotion formula on a site to acquire income from clicks. Just to advise we though, this book in sold is a LARGE A** FILE. Takes about 30minutes to download since of all a games included.

Affiliate Masker: Basic program that masks your associate links. Comes with sales page!

Alexa Ranker Pro: In sequence to get seen in hunt engines, we have to have a good Alexa ranking. This program (which is run from your browser) basically

spits substitute IP’s during your site. Your page views can''t go adult for those “fake hits” though your Alexa ranking will! Alexa can''t tell a disproportion between a genuine and feign trade so if we form in your URL into a script, run it all a approach by each day, we will notice your Alexa ranking go adult over a march of a month. A improved trade ranking means hunt engines will put we closer to a #1 mark in hunt results. Sounds crazy though it does work! Comes with sales page!

Adsense sites: 39 pre-written and designed html pages we usually revise in your Google Adsense formula and upload it to your site, afterwards advertise. Comes with sales page for reselling them all.

Click Counter: Copy and pulp this on your site. Instant click opposite for your site!

Drop Down Maker: No thought how to make dump down tables for visitors choices, this does it for you.

Payment Processor Script: Yes, we review that right. Want to start your possess remuneration estimate service? Here we go. Also has interconnecting links to other remuneration processors (like PayPal) that we can send supports into YOUR remuneration processor and clamp versa. Fed adult with PayPal? Build your own.

ProfitPullingEbooks: Basically this is an present ebook sales business.I can''t tell we a tip it gives on how to make income so we will let we find out . Comes with a garland of ebooks of any and all topics. Sometime currently we will go in and count how many .

PetRatePro: Like “hotOrNot” usually with pets! Members post their pet pics and vote! Contains preset PayPal concession symbol on a homepage (this is a concession run giveaway website, or during slightest that is how the set up.)

Instant Site Maker: Make your possess Clickbank sales site…instantly.

HTML Editer: Got issues with Dreamweaver? Or don’t know how to use it? This program gives we a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) website pattern system. In other difference it shows we how your site will demeanour published online, while we are building it.

Encryption Service Site: Fed adult with your remuneration buttons removing bypassed and hacked and things stolen? This does 2 things. It gives we an encryption apparatus to encrypt files and remuneration buttons, and also gives an present business offered a record encryption service. Comes with sales page.

FFA Link Page: Start an FFA inventory site!

Paid Forum Script: Run a forum that pays members a specified volume per post!

Game Cheats Site: Run your possess video diversion cheats (hints) site!

Joke Site Script: Site that has/generates jokes. Post your Google or Adhitz formula to make income from clicks.

Living Local: Real estate inventory site.

Favacon Maker: Make favacon images for your site!

Search Engine Script: Run your possess hunt engine site!!!

Hot Or Not Site replica: Open a “hot or not” site.

Million Sign Maker: Make signature signs, website signs, all sorts of signs.

SEO Scripts: Search Engine Optimized site setups so your site is some-more findable in hunt engines!

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