Necessary Consumer Information For Glycolic Acid Products

Necessary Consumer Information For Glycolic Acid Products

The items which customers purchase for the purpose of exfoliation and moisturization are typically glycolic acid products. Beauty professionals and individuals both like the results that this ingredient has given. This substance is easy to use and easier to apply.

Glycolic acid is a type of fruit acid known as AHA, or alpha-hydroxy acid. It is often made from sugar cane. With a plant as the main source of this substance, it is viewed as natural.

This is added to numerous different formulas, it is easily accomplished due to the water soluble characteristics it has. As an exfoliant, this feature enables better results. The solution is able to slip below the top dermis and affect the tissue below.

Consumers relish the formulas which have this ingredient because it addresses many skin issues at once. The problem cells which are making the skin dull are handled in two different ways: dissolving the cells themselves and breaking down the bonds which hold the dead cells in place. By performing these two functions, the fresh, unblemished beneath is revealed. The fine lines and sun spots are also known to slowly disappear as well. The production of collagen is improved because these formulas are able to slip to the healthier layer below the surface, delivering a firmer appearance.

Concentrations of this acid can be found, usually 70 percent or greater, which are used in the industrial sector to remove rust or grease. The cosmetic use is found in much lower amounts. The manufacturers who produce over-the-counter formulas will rarely exceed 10 percent, due to concerns over liability. Beauty professionals will utilize concentrations much higher to deliver skin peels, which literally is an acid wash of the skin.

When starting these treatments, individuals begin at a minimal concentration which is then gradually increased. Most formulas have concentrations of 10, 20, 30, 50, or 70 percent. The higher levels are used by professionals of course. The higher percentage of this substance can result in poor outcomes including burns and lasting skin discoloration. People are typically started at a very low dose then slowly raised as tolerance and skin type permits.

In the beginning, individuals will have applications weekly of the lower concentrated formula. The more concentrated the formula becomes, the less frequent the treatments become, as long as the individual’s skin tolerates it. The usual goal is to reach a stable level and then only have a maintenance peel once a month. Nearly everyone will have small amounts of redness and sensitivity, occasionally there is also burning and irritation. The fresh skin layer should always be protected with sunscreen.

glycolic acid products can be found in a number of locations. One strong determining factor of where or who it may be purchased from is the concentration of the formula being used. The very high levels which are associated with professional peels are not available for purchase, except as a part of a package from a health care provider where they apply and remove it. Always seek a professional dermatology consultation before beginning this routine to prevent unwanted side effects.

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