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Naturally Healthy - Skin Care

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complexion and the appearance of your skin have less to do with

your age and are much more affected by your environment and lifestyle.

Pollution, sunlight, air conditioning, smoke, fluorescent lights,

exercise, diet and stress will all contribute to skin ageing.

yet, so often when we meet a new acquaintance or an old friend,

our assessment of their age and vitality, is based almost exclusively

on the appearance of their skin.When

we say, "You look so well" or "You look 10 years

rather than "Have you been ill?" or "You look as

holiday", we are seeing subtle changes in their skin colour,

its radiance, smoothness and tonal quality.

skin feels smooth and soft, looks fresh and radiant. Whatever your

or sex, your skin can look in the peak of health and knock years

conventional skincare products do little more than moisturise the

top dead layer of skin. However, even these are preferable to those

products, which use acids (AHA''s) to burn off cells to leave immature

Although this exposed skin is smoother, it lacks the natural oils

to protect it from sunlight, airborne pollutants and bacteria.

is little wonder that more women than ever, both young and old, are

with skin problems, including dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis and

contain such reports as "Anti-wrinkle creams may age your skin"(Daily Mail 9 August 2000).

skincare systems are based on revolutionary, advanced, high performance

products, developed from research findings across all continents

They are totally free from all harmful chemicals; especially those

are hypoallergenic and even people with previous skincare problems

choice for every type of skin; gentle but effective in

cleansing make-up, dead skin cells and impurities without

rejuvenators are able to nourish individual skin cells during

their development using (patented) low molecular size nutrients.

A unique activator enables these nutrients to penetrate deep

with vitamins, water-retaining proteins and lipids,

our moisturisers do not contain the usual skin-suffocating film

formers, synthetic fragrances or colours, which can upset the

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