Açai Exposed: Miracle Pill or Internet Scam?

Açai Exposed: Miracle Pill or Internet Scam?

Excited dieters are blogging about their weight loss success with both Açai and Maqui berries. We’ve put their word to the test in our Exclusive Report

There are a 100 reasons and counting on why the Açai berry is the latest weight loss trend… Reason 101: The Açai berry is a Superfood packed with antioxidants that can be taken as a supplement to lose weight. Plus, when an Açai berry supplement is taken along with a colon cleanse– the combination delivers incredible weight loss results. This super duo, is the latest diet craze that amplifies the weight loss power of the Açai berry. In fact, so many people are sharing their success stories about the weight they have lost with these diet pills on their own personal blog sites. We had to know if these products really worked and figured the best way to test out these new products, was to try them out in our own personal study!

Editors Tip: If you’re considering using an Açai product, try the online trial offers with coupon codes, so you only pay a few dollars for shipping.

We were ready to get started, and I volunteered for the test. I used the coupon code for a bottle of the Açai X3, the newest and said to be the strongest product out there, because it has the most concentrated, purest Açai in it.

One blogger from Santa Cruz, CA claims to have dropped from a Size 20 to a Size 10 in 3 months on Açai Berry and Colon Cleanse Diet.

Here’s what Açai X3 claims on their website...

  • Helps Eliminate Unwanted Weight
  • Flush Away Harmful Toxins
  • Helps with Feeling Tired & Fatigued
  • Extremely High in Antioxidants

Most of the success stories talk about combining Açai Berry with colon cleansing products to achieve maximum weight loss. The colon cleanse helps rinse your body of toxins and allows your body to work and burn calories more efficiently. I chose LiquiBoost because of their high customer satisfaction.

Here is what LiquiBoost claimed on their website...

  • Lose Weight Guaranteed
  • Boost Your Energy
  • Burn Fat & Feel Better
  • Reduce Your Appetite

And the LiquiBoost, like the Açai X3, had a free trial with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and had no hidden offers.

My Test -
4 Week Açai Berry Diet: Açai X3 & LiquiBoost

  • Take one Açai X3 pill each day (use coupon code: berryTHIN)
  • Take one LiquiBoost tablet each day
My Results

Week One:
Can I say energy! I literally felt more alive on just the first day of taking both Açai X3 and LiquiBoost. I love having this much energy – the day goes by so much faster at work, and I’m not yawning all of the time. And even with all of this energy during the day, I am sleeping much sounder at night, and waking up feeling refreshed, nad ready to take on the day.

My appetite decreased significantly too. I didn’t even realize it at first, I think because of all of the energy I had. I feel fantastic, and I believe it’s because of the Açai, it’s the only thing that is new in my life.

And to top it all off, on day 7 I decided to weigh myself, and had lost 8 pounds! I couldn’t believe it! I had to wonder if this was just water weight, so I continued on with my test…

Week Two:
I have lost 6 more pounds!!! I can’t deny that I totally believe in these products. I can’t believe how well I am sleeping. I haven’t tossed and turned, and sleep through the entire night! What a difference that makes. Since I am getting such good sleep at night, I am feeling more relaxed during the day. I feel simply amazing.
Week Three:
Bottom Line: I am 110% convinced. I have lost 5 more pounds, AND I have dropped 2 sizes in jeans! I am loving my energy level and decreased appetite. I can control what I eat now, and am no longer full and bloated after meals. Açai X3 and LiquiBoost are giving me the best diet results, because they are FAST results! What more could you ask for?

Week Four:

My results are unbelievable. I lost 4 more pounds this week, totaling 23 pounds in just one month. I still can’t believe it. I am beyond satisfied and looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen next – what a transformation I have made! I plan to continue taking Açai X3 every day so I can keep benefiting from all of the antioxidants, nutrients and minerals. My results are undeniable, and completely awesome!

I couldn''t be any happier with the results.


Like us, here at Consumer Health Online, you might be a little doubtful about the effects of this diet, but you need to try it for yourself; the results are real. And you have nothing to lose.

Consumer Health Tips:

  • Only use Free Trials, so you can try them out before you purchase a large supply.
  • Use coupon or promo codes to reduce your initial cost.
  • Take the pills as directed.
  • Success doesn’t happen overnight so stick with it, eat healthy, exercise and what the fat burn away!

Follow the links to the free trials I have provided and know that you are getting a quality product that works; no strings attached!
Good Luck with your weight loss
-Elisa Stevens

Step 1: Get a Free Trial of Açai X3 (use coupon code: berryTHIN)

Step 2: Get a Free Trial of LiquiBoost

Important: Offers expire February 16, 2017

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