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UVblue Fiona has developed the ability to ''tune in'' to her clients energies; knowing intuitively where the energy is blocked in their energetic structure & physical body. She naturally senses where the pain is located within the clients body, & can generally pinpoint the emotional issues/ traumas/ fears/ limited belief systems which are the root cause of the physical manifestation of that pain. Her attention is drawn effortlessly to where it is needed within the client. Fiona works systematically on removing these root issues, rather than on treating symptoms. Through focus & intention; she is able to remove the energetic blockage causing the pain very quickly. She then brings in higher wavelengths & frequencies - including & particularly those from the ultraviolet blue spectrum- a very healing frequency - to allow clients to heal more rapidly. Often clients can feel the pain actually lifting during the session- & post session they feel much lighter & clearer. Occassionally, her clients may see colours & feel sensations as the energies are re-aligned in their body. Every energetic frequency is a wavelength with specific sound & colour; so the colours seen by the client correspond to the different frequencies being integrated in their healing. Fiona will often hear the tone of the frequency coming in or hear the frequency change as energies are re-aligned.

"Hi Fiona, I feel so good after that session, I could see a purple light & felt such warmth & love throughout…wow, when can I come back for more?!!"Catherine

Fiona has the ability to begin the process of re-instating a healthy energetic balance - through allowing the subtle energies to move through the meridians, seals, systems, organs & glands in a healthy way. Using her intuition, intention & focus, she works in a very finely tuned way, incorporating ultraviolet blue frequencies to heal. This begins a process of opening the client to accepting new levels of balance into every level of their life - including physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. Often, this work has dramatic & immediate effects not just for the client themselves but for their families & friends also. As you change - everyone around you begins to change too! This work is not just symptomatic relief - it deals with root causes - & a clients willingness to change, let go of past trauma, evolve & become more open-minded will certainly increase the speed of recovery/ evolution. At the centre of this work is a desire to help people change & evolve through the re-calibration of the subtle energies & light frequencies that hold us together in space & time.

"Hi Fiona, thanks for that session on Monday, already my head feels so much clearer & lighter, I was full of energy for the past 3 days & I''ve gotten way more work done than I have in ages, I can really feel so many good results from your energy work" Martin.
During treatment During your first appointment you will be asked to fill out a confidential medical history form which gives some background information. Commonly during sessions clients feel a sense of peacefulness and relaxation, a decreased stress level, and often some alleviation of symptoms immediately during & /or following a session.
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After treatment After the session ends, the effects continue to work. Energetic shifts established during the session, need to be fully physically processed throughout the body. Essentially your system has to ''rewire'' itself to incorporate the new changes. Therefore, over the few days, weeks or months after the session, you will notice changes & improvements in your physical, mental, and spiritual self as you absorb & embody all the new information imparted. Some people may experience what is known as a ''healing crisis'' after treatment- where they may notice a slight increase in symptoms, before their health improves. This is just a sign that the body is attempting to re-adjust itself & re-calibrate its energies, & also importantly to let go of old patterns.

" Hi Fiona, I felt so great after my session last week, thank you so much. I feel so much more together, lighter, centered & grounded…& back to where I was before the accident…thanks!" Lorraine

back to topWhat can be addressed Working with your body''s natural healing ability; there is no symptom, illness, pain or issue that can''t be addressed at some level. uvblue energy work opens the body to an infinite source of limitless healing possibilities; essentially it opens us to ourselves. It will assist the body on it''s journey towards it''s future healthy state of balance now. Clients have shown improvement in numerous areas; arthritis anxiety depression sports injuries digestive disorders back pain headaches/migraines chronic fatigue fibromyalgia learning disorders stress phobias infections viruses parasites vaccinations infertility menstrual problems emotional issues.

“Hi Fiona, thanks the treatments are really working – I can already eat more foods without having a crazy digestive reaction..it’s such a relief..I’m feeling so much more positive, & I’m way less anxious…” Geraldine

Distance Work Distance sessions can also be arranged & carried out over the phone. Distance sessions have all the benefits of regular sessions & work just as well as if the client were present themselves. Energy work happens at levels which supersede space & time therefore although the client may not be physically present for the session - the effects of the session will be exactly the same as if they had been present. This encorporates the basic ''non-locality'' law of quantum physics. To book a distance treatment, simply email Fiona.

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Benefits of regular treatment When the body is balanced, clinical results have shown that the body is capable of healing itself at a deep & lasting level. We are of course energy condensed to a slow vibration, so it therefore makes perfect sense that the optimum way to heal & re-configure our systems is through energy work. When the body & mind are energetically balanced, every function in the body improves. The golden notion is; prevention is better than cure. The benefits of regular treatment can’t be overstated. Because energy work is preventative in nature, many clients like to receive regular treatments; every 4 weeks or so. This is good for maintaining general wellbeing, once their initial problems have been addressed.

“Hi Fiona, I feel so good after that session, I could see a purple light & felt such warmth & love throughout…wow, when can I come back for more?!!”Catherine