What you wanted to know about insomnia and how to treat it

What you wanted to know about insomnia and how to treat it

A common problem that has happened to many people is that, sometimes it is past midnight and they can not sleep. They look at their clock and they realize that there are still some hours left until the alarm begins to sound but they just can not sleep, no matter how many times they try. The problem is evident, these people who do not have enough sleep suffer from insomnia.

Some years ago, doctors used to think that insomnia was a symptom of other sleep disorders, but recent studies suggest that insomnia is more than just a symptom, but rather it can be a disorder in its own right. Over seventy million Americans suffer from sleep disorders like insomnia which literally means ''no sleep'', in other words, the inability to sleep. A person who suffers from insomnia and has problem sleeping is characterized by having an inadequate or poor quality sleep because they have problems initiating or maintaining sleep and they wake up too early in the morning and are not able to sleep again.

There are two types of insomnia: short term and long term insomnia. The short term or acute insomnia is caused by a temporary event like stress or a change in the life of a person, this kind of insomnia usually lasts no more than four weeks. On the other hand, the long term or chronic insomnia, which lasts longer than the acute one, can be caused by conditions of medical, physical or psychological nature. In this case, a medical diagnosis is required so it can be easy to identify the appropriate medications, therapies, treatments and the best sleep aids that person is going to need.

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Carlos Blake is a freelance writer for health topics.