Want to look 5, 10 or even 15 years younger?

Want to look 5, 10 or even 15 years younger?

"I was working my New Image booth at a health fair and noticed another booth for a drug company. I participated in a free screening they had. I leaned into the machine and the lady exclaimed, "There''s no purple on your face! I''ve never seen this before!" She instructed me to lean closer and again she exclaimed, "There''s no purple!" Before explaining, the lady asked me to swap sides and look at her face that was dark purple all over. She explained that the purple means that your face needs moisturizers. Keep in mind this is a screening expert. She said, "Your face is the first face I have ever seen that needed no moisturizer." Of course, her next question was what kind of moisturizer did I use. I took her back to my booth and gave her some NI Day Moisturizer on top of her make up. We went back to her screening booth and in less than 2 minutes her face had gone from dark purple to light purple. Later in the day her face had lightened up even more. Scientifically we have an awesome line of skin care products. The lady could hardly believe that I was one of those people who until after the middle of January had never faithfully used any kind of moisturizer and had only been using this all-natural, all-botanical skin care line since then with such wonderful results. She couldn''t believe that I didn''t even have any sun damage on my face. I tell you guys, we market the best of the best. The lady doing the screening was a nutritionist expert! I''ve got the best of the best!" - Gatha C

"After getting sunburned, I applied the NI Balance™ with the Aloe to soothe and cool the burn right away. Then I applied the NI Body Milk to help keep the moisture in there. I spray the Toner all over my body to keep it refreshed throughout the day. When I started peeling I used the NI Exfoliating Cream to help remove the dead skin and bring otu the new soft skin." - Kim B.

"One of my clients said that she had a splinter in her hand and could not get it out. She thought about the NI Face Lift™ and decided that if it could draw your face up like it does then she would try it on her splinter. As the NI Face Lift™ dried, it drew the splinter out of her hand! She did not have to pull on it or anything; the mask did all the work! Isn''t that AWESOME!!! She now wants to talk to me about the business. She is a believer in the products!" - Shanna C.

"With the summer months upon us, and skin is becoming tanned, try this for a ''healthy glow''. After you put your Body Milk on your arms and legs, put a drop of the Anti-Aging Serum on also. Your skin will look younger and healthier!" - Patricia L.

"My sister had not seen me since the summer and we did the NI Skin Care mask at my mother''s house. She said when I picked her up at the airport that there was something different about me but couldn''t put her finger on it until we were trying the products.....It was pretty cool to have her say that." - Barb S.