How to get motivated to lose weight?

How to get motivated to lose weight?

All of us understand diets work. Every publication, post, regimen, fitness plan, will work as long as you work on it. Motivate to lose weight is the most significant part of slimming down. The advice will often be there, but the motivation…that is the subtle bit of the puzzle, the matter that everyone needs and few of us have. How to get motivated to lose weight, remain on course, and above all, to get where you would like to go?

The best way to get motivated to lose weight

Everyday we get e-mails from people in regular sharing challenges and their frustrations . About 60% of them say they lack the motivation to stick with their weight reduction program. They report they lose some weight and do nicely for awhile, but necessarily fall off course because they dont get motivated to lose weight.

Motivate yourself to lose weight

As a Personal Development Instructor focusing on weight reduction, and who was initially trained as a psychotherapist, it is quite simple for me to give them guidance, but as I sat down to compose this post, I believed it might be pleasant to actually begin at the simplest, essential level of understanding motivation, and to then work up from there.


The challenge here is it’s generally insufficient to merely produce an amount. 30 pounds or 20 pounds is not going to cut on it. You have understood that for maybe years, and telling yourself “I must lose 20 pounds” over and over again has not gotten the job done. Simply having a number in head isn’t provocative enough of a target.

So consider: the better question to ask is, “Why would you want to lose weight“? At first glance, this may seem like an obvious question, but you should ask yourself this question over and over until you’ve got an extremely clear response, when you are fighting your weight.

Reasons to lose weight

  • To feel ready to begin dating?
  • To get into your favourite pair of jeans?
  • To feel hot foryour wife or husband?
  • To get a great appereance?
  • Because you were told by the physician you are pre-diabetic but that there’s still an opportunity to turn it about?
  • Because you are sick and tired of feeling tired and ill?

Exercise and Healthy Eating

Write in a paper why do you want to lose weight and get motivated to lose weight, write your goals and when do you want to reach them, that will help you to get motivated to lose weight and start taking action on it. Building on your own “Why”, what’s your deeper motive behind slimming down? How will your life be better if you lose the weight? Create a powerful image on your own that’s rich in detail of your life will not be worse.


  • Exactly what will you do?
  • Who’ll you do it with?
  • Where will you be?
  • Will the motivation come?
  • How are you going to feel when you are there?
  • What clothes are you going to wear or not?

Remember that the most important way of how to get motivated to lose weight is you, make a goal list, know why are you going to lose weight and what will be better when you do it, all of that will help you to start working on it, and get a better life.