2011  September  Simply Health and Wellness - Pain Relief

2011 September Simply Health and Wellness - Pain Relief

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Pain relief for: Migraine, Arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, lumber back pain, sciatic back pain, spondylosis, insomnia.

Magnetic therapy pillows and mattress covers are the ultimate in magnetic therapy and give excellent pain relief to all of the above. Insomnia and migraine sufferers will benefit  from a magnetic pillow. People needing all over pain relief from arthritis, back pain etc may like

to consider a magnetic therapy mattress cover. Useful for pain relief for: Back pain, lower back pain, sciatic back pain, spondylosis, and spinal arthritis.

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Tips to keep your lower back healthy

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Injuries are Less Likely Keep Your Lower Back Strong

When most people work out, they are working out their legs, their arms, their stomach. The Lower back, as important as it is- is never really thought about first thing. But keeping a strong lower back could mean that you prevent a major injury from affecting you. Keeping those muscles that make up the lower back such as the lumbar paraspinals strong can make such a big difference.

Use A Lumbar Support if you Sit at Your Desk for Long Periods of Time

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PhysAssist Foot Pain Cream contains natural oils and extracts of Tea Tree, Peppermint, and Arnica along with Menthol. These ingredients are carefully blended into a delicately textured glycerin cream to provide maximum effectiveness. This cream is soothing and calming to nerve, tendon, and muscle related discomfort.

It is super moisturizing, non greasy, quickly absorbed, and designed to be DIABETIC FRIENDLY!

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For anyone who is regularly standing up, attempt to include a few typical pauses and take the weight off your foot. Whenever feasible make an effort to raise the feet forty five degrees to the body as well as rest them in that placement for approximately 15 minutes. In the raised situation blood will be relocated aside and also it’ll minimize any kind of inflammation.

Relax your self along with your feet by soaking. Put two table spoons of Epsom salts in a tub with hot water and place the feet inside it. Allow feet soak for about fifteen minutes. The Epsom salts are usually excellent for foot pain relief and can relieve exhausted muscle tissue and sore feet

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