What is Depression?

What is Depression?

There are many conditions that can develop as a person gets older. It might be something genetically passed down, like depression which is known to run in families. Or it may even be a disorder that has never been found in the family before. But depression is a serious disorder, because it is a condition which can develop and get worse if it is not treated. How do you know if you are depressed? How can you tell if a loved one is depressed? There is a depression test which can be administered and help a doctor or a professional make a diagnosis.


Sometimes a person might have several symptoms of depression or they might not have any. The disease is different in every individual because of lifestyle, hormones and even chemical makeup of the brain. The major symptoms that most people will display include fatigue, lethargy, loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy, muscles aches, weight loss, headaches, inability to focus, lack of energy and excessive sleepiness.

Another person might not have any of these symptoms other than they feel blue and cannot shake it. That doesn’t mean their depression is any less problematic, they just display different symptoms of it. A doctor will be able to make the diagnosis of depression, no matter how few or how many symptoms a person has.

The depression symptoms might be mild, moderate or even sever in cases. When someone is displaying severe mood swings or other signs of depression, call your doctor immediately or even take them in to the emergency room. When depression is not treated, it could lead to certain psychosis; cause a person to become suicidal or even lead to other health issues. Have them checked over by a health provider who might be able to administer a medicine that can alleviate the symptoms immediately as a longer termed prescription medicine routine is started.

There are lots of ways to treat depression. Prescriptions medicines can be used alone or in combination with therapy sessions and changes in behavior or routine that will ease the problem. Depression does not mean a person has to suffer for the rest of their life. It is a very common and treatable condition where a person simply needs to boost their chemical makeup for a little while or for an extended period until they can get it regulated again.