Ultrasonic Liposuction

Ultrasonic Liposuction

The effects of ultrasonic liposuction on the tissues with which the cannula may interact during this procedure are fat, skin, muscle, and vascular structures. While preliminary reports suggest the possible superiority of ultrasonic liposuction for treatment of certain patients, the precise role of this technique in the surgeon''s armamentarium remains to be fully defined. Get to know more on ultrasonic liposuction from www.liposuction-cosmetic-surgery.com.

The advantages of ultrasonic liposuction are appearing in the news media prior to publication in peer-reviewed medical journals. Particularly worrisome is the sense that one group involved in the cosmetic surgery "turf battle" appears to be engaging in an attempt to use ultrasonic liposuction as a tool to promote their superiority as practitioners of liposuction, as situation with which cosmetic surgeons have considerable previous experience. Such anti-competitive efforts are contemptible and usually damage all involved in the turf battle as well as negatively impact the reputation of the procedure itself.

The notion that ultrasonic liposuction decreases bleeding is now felt to be due to the necessity that the physician adopt the tumescent technique to perform this procedure. Tumescent liposuction inherently decreases blood loss to a significant degree. Dermatologic surgeons who are experienced in using tumescent liposuction have not noted any difference in bleeding when ultrasonic liposuction is added. All new technology must be evaluated in terms of its risk-to benefit ratio. In spite of safer second-generation devices, internal ultrasonic liposuction poses a risk to thernal burns and the creation of seromas.

External ultrasonic liposuction poses a risk of skin burns. Theoretical concerns about peripheral effects of these devices on internal organs, nerves, and bone have not been proven to date. As of this writing, most physicians employing internal ultrasonic liposuction appear to be using these devices in the initial stages of the procedure. They then finish the case with tumescent liposuction alone. Those employing external ultrasonic liposuction are using it for varying periods of time prior to performing tumescent liposuction. Ultrasonic liposuction has not replaced tumescent liposuction but is being used by some physicians as an adjunctive technique. Some physicians are heavily marketing this new technology while others have rejected it entirely leading to confusion among the lay public.

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