Nutrition De-mystified.

Nutrition De-mystified.

To celebrate the Opening of our new studio in Bend, throughout the month of August give us a call @ 541.279.0138 and schedule a free fitness assessment. This includes Strength, Cardio and Flexibility baselines as well as skinfold measurements to determine % body fat. These are valuable to have done periodically to gauge your progress.

We offer private training in your home, in our new studio at:
550 NW Franklin St.,
Suite #138
or we have a training agreement with the Downtown Athletic Club to allow training in the gym.

We still offer In-Home and gym service to Madras through our arrangement with Anytime Fitness.

Nutrition is probably one of the most confusing aspects of a balanced fitness regimen. There are literally hundreds of diets out there, each one claiming to be the "right one." At Get a Healthier You we can help you wade through all of the hype and get back to the basics of a good healthy diet. You are probably nervous by now, with starvation visions in your head, don''t worry, the changes can be made in stages and you will never feel like you are being deprived.

Good Carbs

There are many myths out there about carbohydrates. Carbs have been vilified in the media lately and quite a few of the latest and supposedly greatest diets out there would have you believe that carbs are somehow bad for you. Nothing could be further from the truth. Carbs are the energy source of choice for your body and the only source of energy used by the brain. We will help you differentiate between the types of carbs and show you how to make good choices in selecting the carbs you eat.

Protein your way

Proteins are another part of a balanced diet that most people don''t really understand. We can help you make sense of proteins and teach you what you need to know in order to make healthy choices. Whether you are a meat fan or a vegetarian, you soon will have the knowledge necessary to make sure you are getting complete proteins in the healthiest form possible for you.

Well... isn''t it about time to - Get a Healthier You?