No sense of taste  healthcool

No sense of taste healthcool

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I have had no sense of taste for the past 10 months. I am 39, and do not drink or smoke. My sense of smell is still very good.

I have been very ill in the past year as a result of: intestinal bleeding, blood transfusions, DVT, lung emboli, migraines, oesophogal spasms, chronic fatigue and ringing in my ear. I have also been taking thyroxine for the past 20 years (this is ok). I am not taking warfarin anymore. I have tried B12 and zinc but nothing helps and I still have no sense of taste. Please can anyone help me – the doctors have no idea as to why I have no sense of taste. Thanks.

on Sunday, May 8th, 2011 at 4:51 am and is filed under health.

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Have you been screened for any kind of head and neck tumors?

I really have no idea, but ,,, that’s a lot of illnesses and treatments. Could you have had damage to the nerves that connect your taste buds back to your brain? Maybe from one of your esophogeal spasms? (I know very little about the anatomy of the nervous system; this is just my SWAG (scientific wild-ass guess).)

Do you remember anything in particular that happened just before you lost your sense of taste? A spasm, onset of a new symptom, medical procedure, started on a new med, etc.?

- From DFlower – No. I have had a special test to examine the loss of taste – they placed electrodes on my tongue and gave me a smell test. The results were that I had a good sense of smell – which I knew BUT NO TASTE. I am really upset about the no taste because I have been very ill and have no quality of life as I explained in my original email but no one seems to have any answers. I have various consultants but none of them has a clue! I just cannot not taste anything I eat or drink. Please can anyone provide me with any further help or suggestions? I am really grateful. Thanks.

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