New Year Means New Sport

New Year Means New Sport

New Year Means New Sport
A New Year is always a great time to take up a new sport and this new year is no different. With hundreds of sports to choose form it''s hard to know which to go for but this guide will hopefully give you some ideas in your quest for a fitter, healthier you.

One great place to start is your local or national sports council or governing body. In the UK there''s Sport England who have a huge list of sports and programmes to get you into new sports all year round. With many local clubs offering beginners courses to get you up and running.

Running is a great sport and although its cold with the right running gear you should be good to hit the road. There''s literally thousands of great running clubs across the world that will be happy to help newcomers get accustomed to hitting the streets. If you''re still worried about the cold then it may be worth going to a local gym and doing treadmill work. However, its always worth putting a 1% gradient on your treadmill in order to simulate real road running.

For slightly less intense exercise to start with you could try cycling. Cycling provides a great workout but at the same time you can relax more easily so it''s great for people just getting active form a usually sedentary lifestyle.

A great indoor game during the winter months is squash. This can be quite fast paced and intense but it''s loads of fun as you chase around a small rubber ball in a closed room! Squash is excellent for cardiovascular health and keeping your whole body fit and healthy as it recruits all the major muscle groups.

If you fancy something a bit slower paced then badminton is a great sport to get into. Its great for all levels as it can be played in a pretty relaxed fashion but can also be made more intense as skill level increases. The key to badminton is to make your opponent move more than you!

Martial arts has a huge range of options and it provides not only general fitness but can also be great for socialising as many martial arts clubs will have weekend trips and summer camps for brushing up on other aspects of the martial art you''re learning.

Other sports worth considering are the less well-known ones such as archery and kayaking. If you take the advice to check out your local or national sports organisations they''ll often have information and news on local clubs like these and they''re often crying out for new members. Because of this they often offer great discounts on beginner courses and equipment as well as being pretty impressive to tell your friends about.

One thing you don''t want to do with your new sporting endeavours is to spend hundreds on a sport you may not enjoy. So it''s always best to buy some cheap sportswear you can discard or pass on if you''re not interested in the sport later on.