Midback Pain

Midback Pain

Midback pain is found in the thoracic spine. It could be a chiropractic subluxation, which is simple to fix if found early enough. Or it could be something quite serious.

Nerves in the nervous system travel down the spinal cord. The spinal cord goes from your neck (cervical spine), through the midback (thoracic spine) and the low back (lumbar spine.)

The nerves then travel out the sides of the spine and to the arms and legs and the organs in the body.

The nerves in the midback travel to muscles in the area as well as to different organs in the body.

Sometimes when you have back pain, you may also have symptoms with related organs.

Some nerves and what they might be related to:

  • T1: The arms, below the elbows (forearm, hand, wrist, fingers), trachea, esophagus, heart.
  • T2: The heart, lungs, bronchial tubes
  • T3: The heart, lungs, bronchial tubes, chest/breast
  • T4: The gallbladder, heart, lungs, bronchial tubes
  • T5: The liver, solar plexus, heart and solar plexus, esophagus, stomach
  • T6: The esophagus, stomach, peritoneum, liver, duodenum (small intestines)
  • T7: The kidneys, appendix, reproductive organs (testes, ovaries, uterus), adrenal cortex, pancreas, spleen, large intestine
  • T8: The stomach, spleen, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, small intestine, pyloric valve, adrenal cortex
  • T9: The pancreas, gallbladder, spleen, ovaries, uterus, small intestine, adrenal cortex
  • T10: The kidneys, appendix, spleen, pancreas, reproductive organs (testes, ovaries, uterus), large intestine, adrenal cortex
  • T11: The kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder, ileocecal valve, large intestine, adrenal medulla and cortex, uterus, ovaries
  • T12: The kidneys, urinary bladder, ileocecal valve, small intestine, large intestines, lymph circulation, uterus

What to do about it?

Some people don''t mind getting cut into. But if that''s not on your top list of how to get a pain in your back taken care of, then try seeing a chiropractor first. They will do a screening to find out if it''s a subluxation only or if it''s something more serious.

For example, midback pain found below the shoulder blades could be an indication that there is something going on with your internal organs.

The Emotional or Belief Part of Midback Pain

As with any part of the body, the midback covers certain emotions. You can read about all the emotions and see what resonates with you.

You can also go to something a little less subjective and use muscle testing to figure out which is most accurate for you. Then use tapping to try to resolve it.

Remember that the mind is trying to protect you and will do anything it can to do so. It brings in smoke and mirrors. So, if you''re dealing with something critical or very, very deep in your psyche, you might need to consult with someone.

Most of us need another person who is able to get behind this protective layer and help us figure out what the belief is.

Here are some basics of what is seen with beliefs and the midback:

Over sympathetic, experiencing despair. It can be both Los self-esteem along with hopelessness and being egotistic.

It could also be related to grief or anguish.

Upper low back pain can also hold grief, anguish or yearning.

It can be fear, resentment or anger. It can also be abnormal or inappropriate emotion.