Herba Slim

Herba Slim

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Some of the benefits of herbs

Te verde 400 gm
Alchemilla vulgaris 500 gm
Fucous vesiculosis 300 gm
Nigella sativa 300 gm
Salvia 300 gm
Jengibre 400 gm
Romero 600 gm
Hinojo 300 gm
Apium graveolens apio 100 gm
Lina ceae 100 gm
Senna planta 50 gm
Mejorana 50 gm
Pimpinella Anisum 50 gm
mgruibarbo 30 gm
Cummins 100 gm
jengibre 100 gm
citrus paradisi 150 gm
ginseng 150 gm
grafito 150 gm
citrus aurantium 150 gm
mentol 150 gm
Syzygium aromanticum 150 gm

Green tea:

contains caffeine, which works burning of fat also increases the rates It also contains katikins that stimulate
the burning
More than thermogensis which leads to increased calories burning
Green tea is also rich with vitamin C and E and An anti-oxidant plus zinc and selenium and chromium


Contains thojan which is similar to caffeine
Powerful stimulant for the body and dealing with the inactivity




inhibits the enzyme lipase, which stimulates fat formation

Salvia officinalis:

contain thogan which has caffeine like action

Ros marinus officinalis:

inhibits the lipase enz, which accelerate hydrolysis or formation of fat


very useful in imsulin resistant patients that it stimulates pancreatie alpha cells and imsulin secreting


increase the metabolic target such as satiety, thermogenesis, and fat oxidation
Restore +ve energy balance and prevent obesity.

Linn seed:

enhance gastric emptying time
Decrease LDL
Increase secretion of bile.

Vesicular focus:

source of iodine
Used as laxative
Has diuretic effect

Extract of the oral Mesotherapy


Extract from the soy bean and is working on the emulsification of fats and transit to the lymphatic system
and ultimately into the blood for up to fat burners and converted to energy


Carrier of fat stored from places to burned in the cell (mitochondria)

Artichocke Extract:

It extract from the artichoke, which stimulates the lymphatic system and increases efficiency


extracted from green tea, and is working burning of fat

Ginkgo Bilobas:

Works to stimulate and renewal cell