Don't Walk In Pain Anymore: Five Ways To Relieve Your Back Pain

Don't Walk In Pain Anymore: Five Ways To Relieve Your Back Pain

There is nothing more debilitating than chronic back pain. It can leave a person alienated from performing simple everyday tasks such as walking, shopping or sitting for long periods of time. Sitting in the same upright position can make back pain worse and the healing process longer. However, there are steps to take that may help. Here are five ways to improve back pain and get you back on your way to a normal routine.

Core Strengthening Exercises

The majority of people with chronic back pain find that strengthening their abdominal muscles can alleviate a lot of lower back pain. Weak abdominal muscles make other muscles work harder to compensate for the weaker muscles leading to leg, ankle, and foot pain. Simple core exercises such as sitting upright on an exercise ball and gentle movement exercises can strengthen the lower back.

Flexibility Exercises

If a body is carrying an overload of tension and tight muscles, it can lead to back pain. Flexibility exercises such as standing while putting one foot on a chair and leaning forward can reduce stress on your back. Make sure you keep your the back straight and stretch the muscles in the backs of your legs. Yoga is a great way to improve your flexibility and strengthen your muscles to improve your back pain.

Try A New Chair

Sitting in front of the television or computer for long periods of time can lead to back problem and poor posture if you are not sitting correcting. It''s best to use something that supports you spine and helps improve your posture, like a medicine ball or a zero gravity recliner from Healthy Back. By using a recliner that lets the body sit comfortably with feet above the chest, the spinal discs are in a decompressed position without undue stress on the spine. Replace your old, worn out chairs with something that will support your back.

Adjust Sleeping Positions

Rest is important, but if you are sleeping in the wrong position, it can lead to more problems and back pain. A good, supportive mattress is essential. Side sleepers should place pillows between knees to keep the pressure off of their backs. Try to avoid sleeping on the stomach as this can cause neck and back problems.

See A Specialist

There are times when you might need the help of a professional to help correct the damage and put you on the track to being pain-free. Depending on your pain, consider going to your doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist or massage therapist.

Back pain does not need to rule your life. Through daily strengthening, flexibility exercises and by improving daily habits such as sitting properly, your back pain can be pain-free.

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