A Guide to Brain Cancer and Brain Cancer Treatment

A Guide to Brain Cancer and Brain Cancer Treatment

It is estimated that brain cancer, or brain tumors, will be responsible for some 14,000 deaths in 2012. Believe it or not, this makes it one of the less common forms of cancer. Still, due to its painful nature, it’s important to check regularly for brain cancer symptomsand seek assistance if you’re even a little doubtful of your health.

Common Brain Cancer Symptoms

Common brain cancer symptoms include:



Difficulty with balance and walking

Vision problems

A gradual alteration in emotional and intellectual capacity

As well as these, other brain cancer symptoms include generic conditions such as nausea, vomiting, fever and fatigue.

Not all forms of brain cancer have symptoms that make themselves apparent either. It is not uncommon for a tumor to be discovered in the brain during a postmortem examination.

Brain Cancer Treatment

More so than any other type of cancer treatment, brain cancer treatment is dependent on the individual circumstances of the patient.

An oncologist will take into account a patient’s age and health before determining which form of brain cancer treatment to administer. Then, before any treatment takes place, the characteristics of the brain tumor itself will be established. This includes everything from its size, location and growth rate. Such specifics may be obtained by conducting the likes of a biopsy, CT or MRI scan.

Common brain cancer treatment consists of surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

If a tumor has remained localized, it may be possible to remove it surgically. In some cases this is all it takes to successfully treat the disease. However, it is more common for a patient to undergo a course of radiation therapy or chemotherapy to limit the chances of a relapse.

In cases where the tumor is too big to remove surgically, radiation therapy or chemotherapy may be used to reduce the size of the tumor. In other cases, these may be the preferred methods of brain cancer treatment.