3 worst jobs for your lungs?

3 worst jobs for your lungs?

prevent lung disease

Do we care about our lung health? If we do, then we should notice that, more than 16,000 people died yearly because of lung disease. Although most types of jobs offer great preventive acts and action, but we need to be prepared and know how to reduce exposure and the risk of getting lung diseases.

Let’s we check 3 jobs that are highly risky for our lungs health.

1. Construction – People who are working or having a direct contact with dust in demolitions and renovations might be at high risk for lung cancer. With so many products containing unbanned asbestos will increase our risk of getting sick of lung diseases. Protection plan? Wearing protective mask, including a respirator could help us!

2. Textiles – Ever heard about Byssinosis? It’s brown lung disease, which is common disease among textile workers. They are used to inhale small dust particles of ripped cotton or other materials. Try to ventilate the working environment and take a fresh air outside the working area can be beneficial!

3. Firefighting – You should be proud to be a firefighter! But, please be aware of excessive amount of smoke and a huge range of chemicals that might be present during your operation. You know the best respiratory to be wore and please take care yourself as you are a very special people!

At the end, whatever jobs we are taking care, just be careful and remember that safety is always come first! Then, we can claim that we are having a healthy lifestyle.